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So I'm posting again after i don't know how long :D To be honest, this post wouldn't exist if it wasn't for my very special friend who just love laughing at me. So yes Weniger, this post is dedicated especially for you.

So this is about my life in London, about my work that i love and hate at the same time and basically everything little bit interesting i can remember.

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三代目 J Soul Brothers - Southside (eng sub)

So i'm back again and this time with another video. Subbed on top of that. :3
I was supposed to be doing something diferent but i'm rarely doing what i'm supposed to do so... xD

Ehm anyway... I love Southside!!! I liked some of their songs before but this songs made me fall in love with them.

And uhm yeah it's 11pm here and i'm hungry. Also today is one of the days when i'm hyperactive like hell. Don't know what to do. Okay i'm not going to talk about me xD
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GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE - Sing it Loud PV download

I love this pv ^ω^ At first i didn't really liked it but that's probably because it was the first thing that i saw after i woke up and i still had problem to keep my eyes open xD But when i watched it later again i thought that it's not that bad and the more i was watching it the more i started to like it xD

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Don't know what to do

Tomorrow is the first day of school after winter break so i should go to bed but I'm not tired at all xD

And on the other hand there's also a fact that i should be working on czech subtitles for Lucky Seven but Matsujun speaks a lot in this drama and sometimes it's not making sense at all I'm working on this episode for 3 months already xD

And there's also a fact that I'm thinking about doing the color-coding for kanjani songs because i didn't see any on internet and it's actually fun to figure out who sings what xD

I think that I'm probably not going to sleep at all xD

Hope this year will be better then 2014 xD



I have to say that i probably like O.R.I.O.N. more than R.Y.U.S.E.I.
Their musis have changed this year but i don't mind :D Even though i still didn't properly heard C.O.S.M.O.S. i really like all singles this year but O.R.I.O.N. just made it to number one :D

Anyway i have to go :D I should be doing my presentation instead of writing this but i couln't help myself :D

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Back to old times

I don't know why but I'm strating to catching up with groups i kind of threw away after i got into Johnny's fandom >.<

I didn't even raliye it but it's true >.< It's not like i don't like Kisumai or Kanjani anymore but since September i'm listening to more non-Johnny's group :D
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Yeeey i'm in school and i think i'm going to die :D :D

In 15:15 Microeconomics will start and i don't want to go there :D 5 weeks since the semester started and i still don't know what we are doing there :D And next week we have a test :D That will definitely funny :D :D

My friend is probably dying too :D She looks like ghopst so she probably already died :D And she don't like that i'm writting about her :D

Okay going :D Nothing interesting i know and no one is ever going to read this probably but hey i wanted to write something :D
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Little update

Still alive :D

School is tiring as always and to be honest i don't think i stand even a slightest chance to finish this semester :D

On the other hand i'm so in love with Kanjani's new single ^,^ At first i didn't like Itta ja nai ka but now i can't stop singing it in my head :D

And i'm also trying to catch up with HSJ fandom ^,^ I miss a lot of things since i shuffled to Kanjani ~,^

30 Days challenge.....Okay maybe i'm postponing it a little >.< I just don't feel like i'm able to continue with it :D No need to say that it's actually kind of hard too :D

I think that's it for now :D Going to buy something to eat 'cause my fridge is empty and i"m really hungry :D :D
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